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a bit about me:

I'm a Computer Scientist with PhD in Software Engineering, CIPP/US, CIPT, a fellow of Information Privacy with a strong data and privacy background and 16+ years of experience in developing software systems. I'm passionate about developing privacy-preserving solutions and bridging the gap between technology, and legal and ethical compliance.      

I received my Ph.D. degree in Spring 2012, from the Computer Science department at Virginia Tech. My advisors are Dr. Gregory W. Kulczycki and Dr. M. Brian Blake.

I have a Master degree in Computer Science from Alexandria University, Egypt. And, a Master degree in Software Engineering from Virginia Tech.

I currently work as a Privacy Tech Lead at Google, with focus on Machine Learning privacy.

My interests include privacy-preserving machine learning, explainable AI, data modeling, Web services, formal methods, information storage and retrieval, big data, cryptography, and cloud computing.

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