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We propose a formal contract for data-centric Web services. The goal is to formally and unambiguously specify the service behavior in terms of its underlying data model and data interactions. We address the specification of a single service, a flow of services interacting with a single data store, and also the specification of distributed transactions involving multiple Web services interacting with different autonomous data stores.  

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This work comes to provide tools and frameworks to build trusted Big Data applications. Using our framework, Big Data developers are able to verify that their code complies with privacy agreements and that sensitive users’ information is kept private regardless of changes in the applications and/or privacy regulations.



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In this work, we introduce an elasticity framework that adaptively optimizes the use of human and automated software resources in order to maximize overall performance. This framework includes a quantitative model that supports elasticity when performing complex tasks. Our model defines a task complexity index and an elasticity profile that is used to aid in decision support for assigning tasks to respective computing elements.


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